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About Us

Your Torah Tutors

Our Goal & Method

Our goal is to empower students to become independent learners, confident and enthusiastic in their abilities.

We choose teaching methods that make learning fun and engaging, specializing in the use of our unique flash-cards for expanding vocabulary. We’re masters at using distance-learning via Zoom, making our services available regardless of location, for students aged 8 and up.

Our Focus & Team

Our Focus

We guide and support students to develop expertise in vocabulary, grammar, and reading and understanding of the text, in both Chumash and Gemara.


Our Team

We carefully select outstanding tutors, who excel in their teaching techniques, sensitivity to your child’s needs, and commitment to their success.  


Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Principal of Oholei Torah Grades 5-7.

“I have been working with Leibel Shemtov the entire year. I have referred quite a number of students to YTT and have gotten tremendous feedback, both from the parents and the students”

Lecturer Rabbi Shais Taub

“Our son used the YTT program with Laibel Shemtov and it boosted his skills to a completely new level. We were truly impressed with how much he learned in such a short amount of time. And most importantly he enjoyed himself while doing it. I’d recommend this program for boys at any age or level”

Student Levi Namdar of Sweden

“It’s a fun and easy way to remember the words from Gemara. I look forward to learning every day, and I have a good and nice teacher. Everything about it is positive and it really makes learning fun!”

Rabbi Yossi Deren, from Greenwich, Connecticut

“Baruch Hashem “Your Torah Tutors” has done a fascinating job infusing my sons with an enthusiasm for learning Gemara, by providing them with the confidence in navigating לשון הגמרא. I commend your work in providing this incredible tool to Yeshiva Bochurim of ALL ages.”

Rabbi Shlomo Mendel Bongart of Airmont, NY

“I appreciate the approach YTT takes by establishing the foundation first and then building step-by-step upon it. When I first learned about their system, I excitedly signed my son up. At first, he found it challenging…but after a short while, he commented on how he was seeing the practical benefits in his day-to-day learning! It has been a great help! I highly recommend it!”

Rabbi Mendy Cohen, from Springfield, MA

“I see students advancing their Chumash and Gemara vocabulary skills quickly and efficiently. I taught in the classroom for 13 years and feel that Your Torah Tutor’s method is an essential tool for helping many students overcome the language barrier they may experience when learning Chumash and Gemara.”

C.S. From Florida

“Although my son isn't finished the program, he tells me that he finds himself translating in class when others, including hebrew speakers, are unable to do so. Baruch Hashem.”

teacher Rabbi Yisroel Uzvolk from Postville, IA

“It is truly unbelievable to see the progress that occurs on a daily basis. It is so rewarding to watch my students grow. I’ve had students that started at a level  where they barely knew how to translate anything and completed the program knowing their vocabulary at the tip of their tongues – truly ready to open a Gemara and learn.”

Mrs. Rochel Dubrawsky, Radlett, England

“Our son has been learning with Your Torah Tutors for the last year. He has made amazing progress, and his confidence has grown. At the beginning of last year, he wasn't even opening the sefer, now he can read and translate a decent chunk. More importantly, he knows he can as well, so he is willing to give it a try. He likes his tutor, and never complains about having the lesson, even after a full day of school and travel. So grateful to Laibel and to Mendy, so proud of our son, and look forward to even more success for him, bez"h.”


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